Personalised Travel Wallet

Personalised Travel Wallet

This Black Box Contains:

  • 1 Personalised Travel Wallet (21 x 11 cms)
  • Fits only 1 Passport
  • Slot for cards, coins and boarding pass
  • Material of the product: Vegan Leather
  • Material of the name strip: Vegan Leather
  • No special characters and numbers
  • Name will be embossed in UPPERCASE


Ships in Black BoxShips in a Black Box

Deliveres in 10-12  Business Days

Delivered in 10-12 Business Days


Embrace your wanderlust with a personalised travel wallet for all your trip essentials. The vegan leather-swathed around the wallet is tanned and aged to perfection accompanied by a masterly finesse, gracefully-woven inner-fabric. With multiple slots for your money, passport, and much more, it is your ultimate travel gadget. The leather, colour, name strip and metallic charm are customisable to suit your personality and make your travel accessory truly fashionable.


What is this Personalised Travel Wallet?

The personalised travel wallet is a customisable travel wallet made of 100% Vegan Leather which is the best solution if you keep losing your cards, tickets or cash while traveling.

What material is used for the personalised travel wallet?

The material used for creating the personalised travel wallet is vegan leather. The material used for the strip on which the name is embossed is also vegan leather.

How can you customise the personalised travel wallet?

You can customise the personalised travel wallet by embossing your name/initials on the product in uppercase and select the charm from the given list. Also, the colors available are black, tan and brown

What can fit in the personalised travel wallet?

Cards, passport, tickets, cash, etc can fit in the personalised travel wallet.